How to Safely Remove 3D Nail Charms | 2 Mistakes to Avoid!

This video will help you avoid to mistakes nail techs make when removing nail charms. Nail charms or should not be pried-off before first loosening the gel around it with the proper tools. SO in this video I will show you how to safely remove nail charms or 3d embellishments from off of fake nails.


All right, guys, so today I’m actually going to show you what I think is a very important but kind of left behind lesson in this world of nails, and that is how to remove these charms from off of your gel nails. Hey, there I am., and I have current and aspiring text become thriving entrepreneurs by mastering all of their general services using premium software. Only if this sounds like a niche you like to consider exploring.

Then at the end of this video, do consider subscribing. Perhaps you are going to start it. And you said whether it be your own or your clients, and you’re wondering, OK, well, I had success with these things now for three to four weeks or beyond. But, how do they come off? What do I do? And the way I’m going to teach you this is by showing you a couple mistakes, two big mistakes I think that no tax make when removing charm’s off of the nails.

First mistake is to grab your pair of nippers, the one that you actually use for your clients dry skin. Right, and then try to kind of go in there and loosen up the charm or break the bond, break the gel. And this is a big mistake because these nippers here are actually quite delicate. And if you have a pair of nippers that you use consistently on your clients are a few of those. And you want to make sure that these are high quality, that they are nicely sharpened and that they stay that way because otherwise you are going to have to send these out and get them sharpened professionally, so that they continue to be this great tool to remove dead skin or maybe cuticle.

So that’s the mistake number 1: using your designated cuticle nippers to remove or loosen up the gel of that term. What you do want to do instead is grab a set of either tool nippers or nail nippers. OK, and the reason why I say now nippers is because if you are familiar with this Manuchehr Utensils package, It comes in like this oil slick kind of pattern or tone to them. And I really, really like those. I use them for years and I eventually I just kind of like I mean, years.

I kind of doubled my other I then switched over to something like this. So I’m just trying to give you some options, OK, in case you’re going to be like, OK, so where do I get this from? So nail clippers are nippers that are actually still sharpened, but they’re much, much stronger here at the jaw area, what we call the jaw area where you can tell big, big difference. I mean, look at that.

So this is what you want to use for cutting anything else other than skin or cuticle off of the nails. Now, this is still valuable here. There’s two still valuable. I am not saying, you know, just go ahead and beat it up and then you just need something else soon. But what I am saying is that you need to designate something, some tool to the removal of charms or to cut nail. Again, I’m using this nail nappers.

I know I have something like a tool napper, which means that you can cut anything like tips and nails and, you know, gel with those tool nippers. OK, they’re very sturdy. They’ll last you a very long time. But again, you just need to designate something. So if that means that you’re going to use this for nails and you’re like Paula, but I still would like to keep the sharpness and the integrity of this job. Then, my friend, you’re going to have to buy two of these because I think that these are super necessary in your business.

OK, so with that being said, that is mistake number one, using the incorrect nippers to cut away at material.

Mistake number 2 is to grab any one of your bits and roll them over right at full speed onto that chart. Because what you’re actually doing is actually wearing down the sharpness of these blades. Believe it or not, these blades here have some sharpness to it. They also have some height to it. So if you’re passing those over your charm, you’re filing down your term A so it is getting thinner, but at what cost?

The cost is the cost of a bit. So you don’t want to just roll your any of your bits on here. Big mistake there. I know because I used to do it. So what I used to do was even worse. OK, so don’t feel bad if you’ve done this before, just know that I’ve done it worse. So instead of even grabbing like a metal bit, what I used to do was grab a ceramic bit and I’m so ashamed to admit it because ceramic is so much more gentle and actually easier to damage, then obviously there’s metal here and end up happening.

Whether you use ceramic or you use the carbide, you’re not only going to wear down the teeth, the flutes of your piece here, but then you’re going to create some dents because this is not like a completely flat nail charm. So one part is removing smooth. The other part is removing something with a little edge. So you’re actually going to dig into your piece here, your ceramic bit, any bit, and then you’re going to say, well, I’m just going to continue to use this bit for removal.

So then I’m just going to go over here and now remove the gel from off of the client or myself and not realizing that you’re actually not going to be removing that smooth anymore, because now you have an area that still has some amount of material and the other one has less material. So it’s kind of like groovy as you’re not filing smooth. I know you’re probably like, wow, I used to do that. Mistake the app. If you know me, I you know, I like to go first before you.

And I also like to tell you about my mistakes so that you can learn from them. So those are the two big mistakes that we make when removing charms. Now, I’m going to go ahead and show you now how you can remove charms. And there are times where you can remove them with acetone so that you can preserve the term. But it just depends on what you have like this. Here is some sort of resin material, a little turquoise.

So I highly doubt that I’ll be able to salvage this term, let alone I kind of put these on a whim because I was kind of done with my nails. And yeah, by the way, these are extensions, if you can believe it, super, super excited about this new product. I’ll tell you all about it later. But yes, I kind of just threw these terms on. I did very good at encapsulating these here. But as you can tell, there’s a little bit of tarnish around the corner because if you put just like a thin Joe over it, it will wear out.

But either way, that still will not impede from me showing you how to remove this charm. So let’s get to the how to remove nail charms from off of nails, off of these fake nails, right. Channels, acrylics, all of that. So grab your tool nipper. And then what I want you to do is to start digging at an edge, especially if perhaps that edge has already lifted. I want you to start there. OK, so we’re going to go in here, in here.

And then you’re just clamping down there and see, don’t do that. I don’t do that with your mouth. But you want to see if you can feel as you’re doing this, that the charm is actually kind of lifting a little bit. So you’re just coming from underneath it, like so and then just breaking the jaw. Joe Ford said, OK, don’t force it too little by little. And see, I’m digging into it with this point. And this point is beneficial to me.

I’m willing to spend an extra ten dollars on a pair that I might just kind of ruin the tip. And then if I still like these four nails, I could be cutting the side of the nails or something like this is super straight. And you see that. I mean, they’re designed to help you keep that super straight. Just the angle of this, there’s hardly any. So I’m willing to spend money on two sets of these. Again, one that’s just for like, you know, gems and things and whatever.

I’m not going to be super sad if I mess up to a point. And I’m also going to buy one that is just four nails or it just depends. Try it. And like I’ve used as a couple of times already to do this technique of removing charms from off of fake nose that I haven’t really damaged a point. So, I mean, just try one and then go from there. But see already that Joe’s kind of coming up. OK, now I have seen people just wrap it in acetone.

The thing about just wrapping a nail with a term on in an acetone soaked cotton ball is that you first have to kind of break the seal. Most hob coats kind of have a hard gel consistency to them, a hard gel chemistry to them, which means that it’s not going to be porous. So acetone is not just going to penetrate, is not just going to seep in and start melting all of the gel off of that charm and remove it.

OK, so that’s super important. This is why you kind of have to break it in like this, because now you are creating a porous scenario. You are causing some lifting underneath here that will help that acetone seep through and remove the charm. OK, so we just keep that in mind, please. All right. So I’m just kind of loosening up. Be really careful because there is a point to this. So you don’t want to glide off and accidentally stab yourselves.

My elbows are on the table, so that’s providing some support. Now, sometimes you may feel like it is coming up and what not. Sometimes you may not feel that. OK, now if you find that like, OK, I’m not having success breaking into this term, like I really did a good deal by making it adhere to this now for like almost a lifetime, then what I want you to do next is consider what tools you have in your little toolbox here that you can actually start using to kind of break in through here.

I’ll tell you right now, I really don’t have a super pointy one other than my diamond bit, which I don’t want to use this diamond bit, even though I don’t really use this myself for cuticles. I don’t want to use this. I just don’t I mean, you never know why or if I switch my mind about wanting to use it for cuticle. I don’t want to have it ruined. So I do this is like the most narrow one that I have.

This one is distributed by naturally nails. I get all my products are linked in the description box, typically for every video. So if I mentioned something here, it’s something that I know, like and trust. And so it most likely will be in the description box. OK, so let’s see. So now you want to do once you’ve already broken into the seal, can you just put acetone on this thing? Yes, I guess you can, but for me, you’re kind of going to slow yourself down.

So what I would do if you are familiar with power tools for your electric file and go ahead and pop that in there and then just kind of start working around this term to remove the any any barrier, because, frankly, this once you get in there, is going to pop off OK, like you don’t even have to sit and wait for the acetone unless it’s a charm that you want to save. And that’s usually the case when you’re using, like Swarovski crystals.

Those are acetone resistant, believe it or not, that I mean, I don’t know if there’s any just like tiny small damage at the end of it all. So here we are. And just be really gentle. But you do want to operate on a high speed. This is the strong ones who also distributed by Nationals’ and Sacheen, the South Korean brand I’ve mentioned to you before. So again, I don’t want to wear down my bit. What I want to do is come around that charm and kind of start digging underneath.

I could dig into the nail. That’s totally OK to not go like nearly at a 90 degree angle. You do want like some thirty to forty five degrees there. Maybe here you’re flat, right. And then just be really careful when you’re going around your cuticle area. Your goal is to get on the jail, not the term, because the term will mess up your bed. OK, it’s going to shave it down as it’s also shaving down the charm.

So I want to go ahead and turn off my email for a moment. And I’m just going to come back here and check on this, some of my total number. Again, I’m going to dust this off and then see where we add, because again, this actually pops off really quick once you’re able to get underneath there. The trick is to get underneath there. There we go, do you see how easy that was? You see, you can get a little force, whatever you want, but I don’t think you have to and if you would, that it would lift the jaw from off with the nail.

And if you’re just going to rebalance this now, then you don’t want to set yourself behind by causing lifting or damage to the natural nail. So that’s it. Now, this is totally fair game for you to get on with and evaluate, OK? Or an ebbitt, as I like to call them, if I want to just go ahead and grab something a little robust, because this still is going to be rough, but not so rough where it will draw my car by bit.

So I’m going to use this guy here. I’m going to switch this out. You can use any car by bit. Believe it or not, I don’t necessarily have a preference for a e-file bit. I like one that’s usually cone shaped, some flutes, eight. So maybe like a medium, I really don’t use a cause or extra cause. But I guess medium is the one where I always play like that in turn up my if I still want to be a little bit high because there is some texture to get through.

Firm pressure even. Coming up, super, super smooth, you would have never guessed that there was an actual term on there with such a great job, guys, so all you would do here is continue the manicure however you wanted to. This is not lifting. This is like a little bit of gel on here. So you can actually just continue. Whatever are you going to do, whether you’re going to remove 90 percent of the new or so of whatever you’re going to do?

It’s time to do that. And that is it. That is how you remove a charm from off of a fake. Now, whether that be gel or I hope this video helped you very much remember a product that I know, like and trust, those things are down in the description box below. Also, please check out any of the free resources that I offer, whether it be a guide or a free master class. Those are also down in the description box below the subscribe.

I’m here weekly. I’m going nowhere. So if you like more of this content, then hit the subscribe button and then hit the bell notification to get more content like this delivered to you every week. And if you like this video, you’ll probably like what’s up next. So make sure to stay and watch. Have a merry start to your week and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye for now.

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