The 4 Electric Filing Machines I Currently Own … And How They Compare!

How did I end up with 4 different efiles?

Well that’s because I like to go before you go. I like to try things out and get back to you with no-BS reviews, even when talking about the brands that I know like and trust. I like to tell you the details, features, and facts that I know about the items. So that when you’re shopping around you’re better informed in your decision, and you can weigh in as many factors. 

And also, if I may add, I really enjoy the #nailmail. The ultimate retail therapy for me at least!

Before I tell you my current efile situation(s), let me tell you what I was using in the salon when I was doing nails full time.

After a couple entry level machines, and wrecking my first Nail Labo Portable, I actually settled for using Kupa.

I started with the charcoal Kupa Passport, before treating myself to a second one in, at that time, the new teal color.

Although I gave both of them heavy usage, they held up pretty well and I may have sent them for maintenance maybe no more than twice in the 3 years I used them.

After dedicating myself to education, I gave those up and dove into trying different kinds, so that I can report back to you.

One of the reasons for today’s video is this MelodySusie Sparkle Pro Efile. I have been wanting to try this efile since it was released as I’ve already tried their Scamender (I did a video comparison video before on the MelodySusie Scamander vs the Valentino V-Unit. That video is in my library if you would like to watch it after this video). But either way this is supposed to be their most professional efile and I really want to compare it to the look and feel of my more professional efiles like the Nail Labo and the Saeshin (which I bought from Nashlynails). Thanks to MelodySusie for sending me this efile.

Video Transcript:

One of the reasons for today’s video is this Melody Susy’s Sparkle Pearl EFO. I have been wanting to try this. If it was released, as I’ve already tried there, Scamander since it’s very popular in the DIY community and I did do a video comparison between the melody Susie Scamander versus the Valentino reunion, which is what I had at the moment that videos in my library. We would like to watch it after this video. But either way, this is supposed to be their most professional, if I’ll miss Scarlett.

So I really wanted to compare it to the look and feel of my more professional. If I was like the label, which you may already know I really like, and the SAESHIN, which is like a staple among Russian manicure, is like literally in Russia. So thanks to my lady Susie for sending this out to us so that we can check it out.

Only if this sounds like a niche, you’d like to consider exploring and do the subscribe at the end of this video. All right. So when it comes to E file machines, there are three things that you want to pay particular attention to. Number one, R.P.M.. Number two, talk. The resistant is when you press the machine down onto the nail. And if it stops working, then that means that machine has a little talk. And the other thing you want to pay attention to is whether you will be investing in a portable unit or one that has a core to it that attaches to a wall.

In other words, that cord does not come off. OK, so that’s what I shop for. That’s what I consider when buying any file or thinking of which one is the better investment price is what I look at, at the end. Because by then I’m going to have a few options narrowed down and then I can apply these three factors and make a final buying decision. One last thing that I may consider is also the ability to get service on my unit.

So many of the machine companies or distributors actually already offer a one year manufacturer’s warranty on their products. However, you may even use your Eveillard. You may want to look into companies that are a little bit more local to you and that offer continuous meaning to your machine. So again, R.P.M. rotations per minute talk and whether that machine is portable or not is very important. If you’re doing a lot of mobile work or you need to move from one station to the next.

And I guess going portable is an option just to another dose in my experience, and to kind of wear out a little faster or need maintenance quicker than the others. However, if you’re stationary, if you already have your station, you’re going to stay in that station, then using a unit that has a record for me personally, which is going to last you a little bit longer. Also, keep in mind that when you are working with F.R. machines, a lot of the times you’ll find that the portable ones are the more expensive units versus units that are attached to a cord.

So you then have to attach to the wall in order for them to work. And that is because most of the times you’re probably paying for the battery. Batteries are actually very expensive. And essentially when you go portable, you’re paying for the convenience of going portable via that battery. So we don’t have to go portable, then don’t, because you’ll be able to find a unit that’s excellent and great and quite affordable. Just by now switching over to one that’s portable again, you are paying for that portable capability via that battery pack.

That’s pretty much my two to four cents on E-files and how you should go about buying one. So I’m going to show you what I have here at my station. And I actually am very content with everything that I have, except obviously the MelodySusie Sparkle because this is new. But other than that, everything else I’ve used for a while. And with that being said, I’m going to get started with this MelodySusie which is actually the really convenient unit that comes with a dust collector.

I’ve already have experience with this machine and this handpiece because actually I’m one of those DIY. It’s right at home. I do my own LPs. And so I was like, very convenient. Wow. I’m going to use the one with the handpiece. And I had just recently bought the nail label and so. Actually, I was like I put it on the backseat for a while. I actually was not even using it because this came in shortly after.

And then I got stuck using this because it was just way too convenient not to. And I did want to try this out. So I was like, you know what, let me just use this for a while. And after a while, I found that I kept nicking myself and I was like, I don’t remember nicking myself that much. I was like, you know what it most likely has to do with the torn pork is basically the counter force that you feel.

It’s really cute, you kind of more or less feel. So if I put my bed down and it kind of stops working, right, that means that that ETFO, that handpiece, that motor has low torque. So what was happening is just by even like catching myself a little bit, that was enough. Almost like a contact to cause my evil machine to stop working sort of stop it or kind of nick me and I nicked myself enough where I was like, all right, I tried this long enough and I switched over to my more professional machines.

Otherwise, this is great for now. So again, a little too low torque for me. I like everything else otherwise. OK, now let me show you the noise this machine makes. All right. So when I go ahead and turn this machine on, it’s got some buttons here. And here is the effect feature. And then once you’ve set it on, so when it is reversed and one is, you know, clockwise and counterclockwise.

So you find your rotation and then you increase your speed here. All right, here we go. So you can hear there’s a little something in the nose, it is not completely smooth. It’s still relatively quiet. Now seems to have these, let’s hear for it to kind of breathe, almost sounds like a little bit, like relatively small. OK, and then always make sure that when you’re changing the speed of the file, you are doing that right, you’re bringing it down to zero and then changing the rotation and then going.

So, yeah, this actually feels like a little fan here doesn’t get too high. That may have been a new feature, they added, I’m not sure if I remember my first Melody Soucy trial, having this little fan, maybe it right. So that’s the next step I’m going to be showing. You might nail lable, portable e file, this maybe here I like so much. I’ve actually owned two of these. When I first bought my first one, I will admit I’m raising my hand here.

I was quite negligent with it. OK, I actually would get my bits out of the disinfectant and just kind of roll them on my towel a little bit and not really allow them to fully air dry. And so I think that eventually I got enough moisture in here to damage the motor. If you damage this machine here, they’ll try to repair it and troubleshoot it here in the US store in California. Otherwise, if they cannot, then it will go to Japan.

So be nice to it. Don’t put Moyse E-file bits in there trying to keep any Nelda’s from going in there because it can be delicate and it does have good torque for just about everything you need. I do find that when I’m trying to really crank it up all the way up for a removal, I find that wood. This is not just enough to kind of go halfway, which is what I usually recommend. You kind of really have to take it up.

I don’t know if you can hear that. I mean, it’s smooth, you know, it’s like hardly any vibration here is very gentle. And you can hear it’s very, very smooth. So, again, I find that if you’re going to do a removal, this really needs to be cranked up. And so you overuse this for removal. You may burn out. I mean, it hasn’t happened to me, but I can imagine that you’re maybe wearing your motor out a little bit more.

So, again, if you’re doing a lot of removals, if you’re working on harder products like maybe Harto or acrylic, then maybe the portable option is not it? Unless you do mobile work, then this guy here travels like a dream. So how do you travel like a dream, you know what I mean? It is so light and compact. I mean, you can literally shove this in your pocket. So that’s the nail level.

I like it so much because it’s so sleek. It’s so light. It’s very smooth. It holds like a pan. Just gorgeous. So I couldn’t pass up a sale last November and I bought this one again. All right. Next is this. Saeshin South Korean Efile Company that makes this for how ever it is loved, I hear by Russian manicure techs. They love it apparently, because apparently it’s just great. It’s gentle, it’s soft sounding, it’s long lasting.

And again, it’s very popular among the Russian community, the Russian celltex for that Russian style manicure, which is so interesting because this actually looks kind of like medical and kind of made the leap into the real world. This was also very smooth. I think if I have to say, as far as vibration, I think this one is the most quiet, the most smooth. Let’s go ahead and try it. Let’s see. OK, so we have reversed what we’re just going to go for.

It doesn’t really matter. I’m going to go ahead and turn it on. There’s two buttons back here and then this button here is for the hand and foot attachment that goes there. I never really have you. I have seen people use it. I think it looks hilarious. I feel like they’re going to take off somewhere with the battle. All right. So let’s see how it sounds. Definitely sounds powerful. I can tell you also there is a fan here.

Yes, you can feel some air blowing, which I’m assuming is what keeps these pieces from overheating and expiring on you. Very smooth. Hardly any vibration on your hand, which is important. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed an issue, but I know that like one of my friends said, her wrists or her carpal tunnel or something kind of acted up. The more vibration the machine has outside, that’s strong mighty machine. One of the reasons why I got this machine is because I trust the folks over at Naturally Nails, which are the distributors, but also because of the price.

I mean, they told me they’ve had one of these machines, the other model for 10 years without a single issue. I mean, I don’t know if that meant, like, it went for maintenance, maybe just preventative maintenance here and there. But that to me was outstanding. And I thought, hey, for less than two hundred dollars, I want to try that. So that’s why I bought it, even though I had already bought my little traveling booth.

But I had to start practicing and I preached in a way and I did say that if you use your units more or for heavy removals, then you should transition or have a machine that’s not necessarily portable, that has a cord so that, you know, is being powered by the outlet and not the battery pack, which is expensive, and that you can work out and it can give out on you. That is why I was like, you know what?

I got to do it for the community here and also share my opinion on it. And so, again, under two hundred dollars, I thought that was great. If you’re interested in these, we do have a limited time coupon code and I’ll drop it in the description box below for you. Yeah. Otherwise impressive for the price especially. And again, apparently it is a staple among the Russian manicurist. Definitely has high torque also. So the few times that I’ve used it and that I’ve applied pressure onto the nail, it does not stop on me or it feels like it’s lagging or kind of slow.

That’s usually, again, an indication that that machine has a lot to work. Last but not least, you don’t even know how much I’ve been wanting to see when the opportunity came about that Melody’s U.S. would sponsor one for us. And so here it is. And the reason why I was very interested in buying it is because I believe it’s promoted on their website, like professional quality, much more powerful. And I know that a lot of people were having issues with the other one, the white one that’s a lot more popular and it breaking down within six months.

And I know that this company is super popular. And so I know that they want to keep the good name. So maybe like six to eight months ago, maybe even a year ago, they came up with this one, the Sparkle Girl. So this is the one we’re going to use today, just kind of give it a little test drive. I have not used this since I bought it, and I just kind of want to get a feel for it.

So I’m going to go ahead and remove this now, at least short neck. And then I’ll tell you after how it all went, how it all felt. Here’s the sound. Good news, bad news, the good news is that I no longer felt that low torque, it didn’t matter if I was on a low or medium or high setting. I no longer felt that the FAA was kind of lagging or stomping on me a little bit. So it kept going.

None of that lag, which is great. It lets me know that this has high torque. But the one thing was the vibration is definitely after turning on all of the other three machines, even their other model here, this one actually has more vibration. And it’s not super quiet like the other three, again, including this one here. That was the only con, I guess KROT is that high torque gone is that it still has more vibration than I like.

And again, it seems like that vibration does seem to bother some. But other than that, the feel of this handpiece is super cool. My type of handpiece is very narrow. It’s got a little weight to it, more weight than this one. But if you have to ask me which one I prefer, I prefer the narrow with a little more weight than the big thing here. So, yeah, I was actually surprised. How about, again, that vibration, that noise.

But the talk is there and I believe the talk is more important because that’s going to help you be more efficient with your e-filing technique. All right. So again, thank you so much, Melody Susie, for sending this over again. Very light, including the handpieces, very nice and narrow, a little bit heavier than this. It’s kind of about the same as this. They’re about the same weight, the global and this one. Tell me what else you would like to know about any specific one.

I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions in the comments section. If you want to download my free guide on E, follow our beds and other manicuring, implement that down into the description box below. I’ll take you through what I’ve used over the years, what I keep coming back to and some other little E-file chit chat downloaded down into the scripture box below ground. Pardon my appearance here. I wanted to jump in here, let you know that I’m actually going to be giving away the Scarlet E File machine.

So if you’re interested, the link for the giveaway is down below in the description box. So go and thank you so much for staying to the end. You’re a trooper and it just shows that you really care about my content and that you are listening. All right. Good luck. Bye.

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