ICEGEL Korean Gel Swatches | ‘Star Galaxy’ & ‘Flash On Off’ Season1 Collections

I may be a little late to this trend of Flash ON/OFF Gel, but that doesn’t seem to be a big deal as this trend seems to not be going anywhere any time soon! I took time this last week to play around with ICEGEL’s Cat eye gel series and their Flash On/Off gel. Super fun! Make sure to watch the video to catch the effects live and in action! You can now buy ICEGEL in the US by shopping at Our current promo code is PPN10 for 10% off.

Easily get passed the next catchy or trendy name by learning the baseline for all gels.

2 thoughts on “ICEGEL Korean Gel Swatches | ‘Star Galaxy’ & ‘Flash On Off’ Season1 Collections”

  1. Yes! I watched this video and now I need to get me some ICEGEL??. I was not sure but Paola to the rescueee! Gracias mil ??‍♀️

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