[INTERVIEW] Nail Thoughts Volume 4- A Chat With The Artist + Swatches!

Today I’m sitting down with Katie Masters, the California-based nail artist behind the super whimsical and fun brand, Nail Thoughts.

The Nail Thoughts brand hosts social media channels with a combined subscriber base of over 450,000 raving fans!

Most notably… Katie’s Nail Thoughts Brand is known for its partnership with one of Japan’s most successful and influential brands, Kokoist.

Nail Thoughts by Kokoist is a collaboration that curates gel bottled colors and tinted bases!

And today Katie is unpacking with us her latest release, Nail Thoughts Volume 4, 12 new shades of bottled gel color by Kokoist.

The collection is out now and you can shop your favorites here! Don’t forget code PPN10 to save 10%!

Here’s a through debrief on all of the 12 new colors in Nail Thought’s Volume 4:

Here are PPN these are our 3 Volume 4 favorites:


2.I mean…

3. By the way…

NT-55 By the way. A clean, sheer milky pink. This color is a bit warmer that strawberry milk-tinted base, for sure. 

NT-56 I mean… A sheer peachy-pink nude. This is a good color for the baby boomer/french gradient nails. Katie did her version with the color Overcast (a sheer milky white) on the free edge followed by two coats of color, I mean… over the white, and it looks like your natural nails. These two colors, #55 By the Way and #56 I mean… are pretty sheer, so you would see underneath, and some of us or not big fans of that sometimes.  

NT-57 Enigma. A clear glitter gel. The glitter in this is kind of chunky but not too chunky because too chunky sometimes can look a bit peppery. So, there are tiny glitters with blue/orange reflections and then slightly bigger hexagon flakes. This is going to be the glitter of glitters. 

NT-58 Bubble Wand. A frosty iridescent green shimmer gel. 

NT-59 Moonstone. This is the blue sister to Frosted (white) and Supernova (pink) iridescent glowy colors. Katie mentions that now she feels like she needs to include an iridescent glowy color in every collection. The magic of this color is that it is glowy. It’s not a pearly color; instead, it glows like light from within. 

NT-60 Lucky Charm. This one is a bluey green. You could say this is sort of like a Tifanny blue but in some lights, it looks greener than Tiffany blue, and Katie describes it as a creamy seafoam green.

NT-61 Green Thing. It is a bright neon green. “I like this neon because it’s creamy. You know when sometimes neons (colors) can be sort of like, weirdly sheer, so you have to apply layers of white underneath? With this one, you don’t have to do that.”-Katie. And that is definitely new technology, friends.  

NT-62 Once Upon a Time. A teal green. This is not emerald color exactly, it’s more, really, more blue-toned.

NT-63 Jellyfish Jam. An electric grape purple. “This color was inspired by Sponge Bob Square Pants because, one time, he thought it would be smart to have jellyfish come over to his house, and the jellyfish had a disco party, and he was very upset. I think the episode it’s called Jellyfish Jam.”-Katie

If you are a vampy color kind of gal, you will love this color for the summer, because it’s still bright even though it’s a darker hue. 

NT-64 Lolly. A neon pink jelly color. This one was a top-voted color! When you open the bottle, you will see orange. That’s because it’s against the black bristles of the brush, but this is jelly pink, so if you have clients that like jelly nails, those see-through nails, this is where it’s at. 

NT-65 Ditto. A bright neon pink. So, how is this color different from the color Venice from the first collection? Venice Beach is not quite neon, it’s more of a Barbie electric pink, and Ditto is a true neon. Just slightly different tones. 

NT-66 Wake Me Up. A bright neon orange. There is a bright orange color like this one in the first collection as well, but Wake me up is more like a pinky orange vs. a more yellowy orange like Desert Door. 

Content written by Paola Ponce and staff.

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