Japanese Gel Nail Products Latest Nail Haul (+ GIVEAWAY)

Hey hey! Today is an eye-candy kind of episode. I am unboxing my latest Japanese soft gel goodies, and before we dive in, I want to welcome all of you to join me in the upcoming Leafgel certification tomorrow. We will hang out live for three days, learning all things Leagfel Premium Japanese soft gel.

If you don’t know, soft potted gels are my favorite system because they are true gels, meaning they are not diluted down with thin solvents. They remain with as much gel/resin as possible, which means high durability and low irritation. Still, besides all the good chemistry, they are super versatile. Don’t let the term “soft gel” fool you because all that means is that it can be soaked off. Other than that, soft gel can do everything a hard gel can and much more actually. They are stronger than builders in a bottle system because instead of doing three different things, in soft potted systems, you have your builder doing one thing and doing it well, which gives you strength, and the base gel gives you great adhesion… okay! I could continue here, so let’s move to our fun products.


Let’s start with items from Zillabeau, where I get Leafgel and Lily gel products; these brands are soft-potted Japanese gel. We have a code for a small discount at checkout with Zillabeau, so don’t forget to enter PPN10 when you get your goodies.

LEAFGEL MERMAID GLITTER FLAKE. This is the first time Leafgel has launched nail art mica flakes. These come in five colors, and the sparkle resembles a mermaid fishtail. These are great to use to snow art or marbling.

LEAFGEL MAGIC MIRROR PENCIL. Leafgels chrome pens make it easy to apply, save you time, and let you finish without messy powders all over your desk. They offer six chrome colors, silver, gold, bronze, pink, rainbow silver, and rainbow gold, and two satin powder effect ones, the illuminator and fairy pink. I always like to double-seal my chrome powders using two clear gels: a base gel and a topcoat or a wipe-required topcoat followed by a non-wipe topcoat. This will eliminate chipping and cracking.

LEAFGEL BRUSHES. I ordered the Leafgel Premium Flat and the Liner L brush. To break new, your brushes use a bit of the color or gel you will be used to soften and hydrate the bristles. Also, if you are not ready to use your brushes, don’t do this until you are ready because the gel will harden them; they are still usable unless you cure them under UV light.

The flat brush is great for a base and builder, especially for potted top gel, because the corners will allow you to get close to the sides and the eponychium area. The Liner l brush is the one I use for my certification, and it’s great; it’s super thin and not firm (Lily gel offers a firmer liner option), but this brush is THE brush for long lines. Not kidding; this is it.

LILY GEL KIRAMEKI SERIES. If you didn’t know, Lily gel is Leafgel’s sister brand, and they offer premium quality products just like Leafgel but at slightly more affordable prices. Also, they are a bit more daring and fun colors. For example, this collection has jelly/translucent fun summery colors with multicolored glitter.

Quick little announcement!

Our next brand-specific certification is Kokoist, which is happening on April 23rd and 24th. I know many of you are winged for that! I am going to leave the waitlist here for the Kokoist certification. Make sure to join, and we will send you all the details for the certification on this waitlist, which is our VIP list, to participate in the best deal, so don’t miss it.

Why do certifications cost so much? Well, I didn’t have access to certifications like this when I was a DIY’er, so for that reason, I welcome all the DIY’ers out there! To be able to train on a specific brand that is high quality and because it’s online, you are going at your own pace, like a one-week intensive, so what I’m trying to say is be really thankful for that instead of only focusing on the price. Let’s change the prince into what’s the value of that? Your health and your great nails to take that certification or not, right?

Instead of buying everything and anything an influencer throws at you. And yes, I do have affiliate codes, too but! I have been working with the same brands I love and trust since the beginning, so I used them in the salon, on my clients, and regularly on me. These affiliate opportunities came much later on, and I was like, sign me up! I love these brands, and I’m already talking about these products anyway, so yeah. I just wanted to share a bit of transparency because I am very selective with what I use and purchase, so I am not telling my audience to buy everything and anything. I like to be efficient and strategic, move with intention, and work smart; I want that for you too.

Ok, the rant is over; back to more eye candy products!

LEAFGEL MAGNETIC GELS Leafgel has three collections of magnetic gels. One with popular cat-eye/ magnetic colors like gold, silver, peachy pink, blue, etc., and a subtle magnetic shimmer. The following collection is Space Opera Flash on. These magnetic colors have magnetic glitter plus reflective/flash-on glitter, which is so beautiful! Lastly, their latest collection, Space Opera Faraway. This collection is colored magnetic with color-switching effects, like orange to green or pink to gold, etc. Also, the faraway collection comes in bigger bottles, offering 7g instead of 5g like the other collections.

LEAFGEL ORGANIC ARGAN NAIL & CUTICLE OIL. Because I like the brand, I decided to treat myself to this new cuticle oil, I even like to go to sleep with it! It smells so nice and clean (comes in lavender or bergamot scent) and absorbs really well into the nails and skin. This oil is cold pressed, so it’s supposed to keep a lot of the nutrients in there because there was no heat involved to extract the oil; it’s organic and rich in Vitamin E.

I will say it’s a bit on the high-end pricing, but it goes a long way. This is a great treat for you or your clients if you want to include it in your services. Also, remember you can save a bit with code PPN10 to purchase your new luxury cuticle oil to grow long, healthy nails.


Cuticle Nipper Pink Gold. This is a $198 dlls cuticle nipper, ok? It’s plated with platinum 18k gold for a luxurious look and feel, so it’s a treat. This nipper is manufactured with high-quality Japanese standards. The shape was designed to ergonomically reduce the burden on the wrist as much as possible. This tool can be sanitized, but be careful of nail solutions or harsh scrubbing tools since they can damage the plating.

This nipper is mine, but I will give one to a Kokoist student in our coming Kokoist certification; yup! That’s what we do, fun, full-of-surprises online learning.

KOKOIST BRUSH HOLDER. This is great to place your brushes in, especially when traveling. Looks like a cup, and it’s easy to access and store your brushes. Pretty cool.

KOKOIST LIQUID MIRROR CHROME. The super popular liquid chrome! I’m sure you have seen it around, and now Kokoist has launched their collection of 6 super cool chrome, color-shifting shades. They sold out not too long ago, but they restocked today! So grab them if you miss them in the first round. If you want to support this blog with free content, please use our code PPN10 at Kokoist for 10% off on your purchase. We really appreciate all your support :).

KOKOIST NEW SHEER EGGSHELL COLLECTION. This is the latest six-color spring collection. These colors are pastel-sheer with micro glitter. These could be great for ombre nails. If you are only looking to try a few, I think #296 and #301 are a must, like I think those are good options that clients will want and that will not sin on your shelf forever.


I got these from Vetro (Thank you, guys!), and this is from their Bella Nail label. All I know is that the products from this label come with 3g instead of 4 grams and that this is their special effects gel series. It has glitters, glow-in-the-dark gels, and magnetic gels, and I think this is their entry-level line, I will confirm with them. We have a Vetro certification in late May, so I’ll have that information for you! These colors remind me of the Lily gel collection we just went through above, Japanese gel brands like to do that, so who knows who came up with it first?

These colors collaborate with a Japanese gel nail artist and bring fun and exciting bright colors with glitter for 3D nail art because it is a high-viscosity gel or just as a regular color or glitter gel. If you notice the cap has three starts, that means higher viscosity than one star.

They also released a sheer nude color collection named Rainbow Beauty and a sheer deep-toned one called The Fluid Collection. If you haven’t tried Vetro’s and colors, you will be pleasantly surprised at how high-end these are. Fun fact, they digitally print their pots now to reduce carbon print. They have been a strong-dominant brand since 2016, so I really enjoy working with them and using their products. That’s why I keep teaching their certification.

Lastly, I will share the products I got as a gift; again, thank you to all our distributors!

SHINY SKINNY NIPPER NO1. This Korean brand uses Japanese materials; wow, the best of both worlds! This nipper has a 3.5 cutting edge. I’m sure it’s super sharp.

I also got gel bottle colors from Mithmillo, and these I will giveaway! This Monologue collection comes with 6 colors and 2 glitter/effect colors. To enter the giveaway, click HERE and follow the instructions. The giveaway ends March 8th at 1 pm EST; good luck!

That’s the end of our haul; thank you for hanging out with me, these are super fun, and you know the nail products never end, so I’ll see you at the next one. Bye for now…

Content written by Paola Ponce & Nail Fabs

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  1. Any thoughts on why Vetro Bella Nail brand products are not available on their US website?

    1. Hi Hilary! Not sure, this is something we will ask in our upcoming certification in May.

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