Nail Caddy Supply Essentials | Amazon Favorites

Nail Caddy Supply Essentials | Amazon Favorites

This week is Amazon Prime Day! And I thought it would be the perfect time to share my nail caddy essentials with you, as most of these handy items can be found on Amazon. So welcome, and let’s take a detailed look into what I have in my caddy. 

I strongly recommend a nail caddy by your side so that you have maximum efficiency when working on your gel nail services.

Here are the nail essentials that should be in your nail caddy, and my Amazon Storefront Link where you can find these and other nail table favorites are

If any of the items are exactly what you need, I highly recommend you create a “wishlist” on Amazon to keep track of any price drops.

Nail Essential #1 Efile Bit Case

You can store efile bits by pressing them down, or some have holes to insert the bit inside; either will work. There are round cases that work too, but this one is flat, so it will fit in your nail caddy. It’s clear, so know you can customize it! I used one of my own stickers here, hehe. 

Nail Essential #2 Tiara Brush Holder

This super cute tiara will help you keep your gel brushes in one place without getting gel on your desk, materials, client, or yourself. Simply rest the brush on top of the tiara. This tool gets the job done and gets many compliments and questions about it. Comes in a set of silver and gold with pearls.

Nail Essential #3 Silicone Butterfly Nail Art Palette

I know anything can be an art palette, but I think you will enjoy these silicone ones. It’s easy to wipe off, and if you want to do any type of 3d art or anything that need to be peeled off, these are the way to go. 

Nail Essential #4 “Lint-Free” Towelettes

My towelettes are not “lint-free.” I use 2×2 dental gauses, and whether these are the best to use or not, well, I break it down in this video for you. There are “lint-free” wipes, but they are expensive, and if you look at costs when working in the salon, the dental gauses are the bang for the buck. If you keep them completely wet, they will not cause lint. Trust me, I’ve been using them for years. 

Nail Essential #5 90% Alcohol Dispensers.

I recommend 2 different kinds, and here’s why. I use a spray bottle and a pump. You could have 2 pump bottles if you don’t want to have a spray bottle. When doing nail art painting or cleaning my brushes, I use the pump disc as a bowl to pump the alcohol and clean the brush.

This could contaminate the liquid inside the bottle or the disc, so if you grab a wipe and pump alcohol, then wipe your client’s nails, you could cause allergic reactions. 

For anything that will be touching the client’s skin, I recommend using the spray bottle. I know the pump is more convenient, but for your safety and your clients, use the spray bottle when working with chemicals, like uncured gels. 

Nail Essential #6 Acetone Dispenser Pump

I linked these bottles because they are slim and fit inside the nail caddy. Also, they are acetone resistant.

Nail Essential #7 Water Dispenser Bottle 

Super optional, but super handy. If you watched my stickers and water decals video, you saw me using a bottle dispenser like this one. The last thing you want to do is run to get water in the middle of your service; this wastes your time. Therefore, I think it’s a good idea to have water in your cady if you use water decals or watercolors. 

Nail Essential #8 Dappen Dish

A little container like this one is always useful. I use the Dappen dish for water decals, or you could use it to clear your brush when painting nail art or to hold any liquid. I like to have something this small, so I don’t add more things to my nail desk. 

Nail Essential #9 Nail Brush

You can decide to get a single-handed brush like this one or the one that goes on your fingers. Just be mindful that not all of them fit your fingers, so some people use them around their pinky fingers, and it looks like it works fine. You are to use one brush per client. 

Nail Essential #10 Gel Stirring Tools

If you work with gels, potted, or bottles, you will need a little metal spatula to stir your color gels. Shaking the bottles or pots back and forth like regular nail polish will not cut it because of the consistency of the gels. If you have a shaker, please use that, but if you don’t, this little spatula will do the job, especially if you are working with glitters. 

Nail Essential #11 French Cleaning Brush

Aka, “Oopsies brush.” This brush has a dotting tool on the other end, which is the perfect size to go around the nail and clean up any mess or spillage of gel around the cuticle and sidewalls. 

The brush side is used for cleaning french design smile lines; that’s why it’s called the french brush. I seriously cannot work without this brush; this will give the cleanest crisp clean-up that any brush can do. 

Nail Essential #12 Files & Buffers

You can store files and buffers in your cady. Remember that you are to have one set per client and not reuse them. 

Nail Essential #13 The Best Nail Caddy

Here’s what to look for when choosing the perfect nail caddy for yourself and why this is the one for me. I used to have a clear one but it was not acetone resistant. This cady right here works perfectly because of the compartments. They are the perfect size to fit my wipes, solution bottles (the ones I listed ;)), nail files/buffers, gel brushes; basically everything I mentioned today. I use the two drawers to store manicure tools, but you can use them for whatever tool you use the most, and makes sense.

Other essential nail tools:

#1 Super Thin Tweezers

These are a particular type of tweezers. Extra sharp and pointed tweezers to be able to peel off stickers and a silicone tool on the end to press down the sticker instead of using your fingers. 

#2 Curved Small Scissors

I use these scissors to cut nail forms and sometimes water decals or stickers. Not as much for the later one because of the curvature, but if it doesn’t bother you, go ahead. 

#3 Gel Removal Tool

This is a great tool to have to soak-off removals. Now, you want the process of soaking off to do most of the work for you, not scraping with this tool. I find that you dig less in the nail than using a cuticle pusher

Now I want to hear from you! Did you already have any of these essentials? Do you have any recommendations? Let me know in the comments below.

When you’re ready, here’s my Amazon Storefront Link one more time,

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