My Leafgel Collection Swatches (PART 1)

We all know to get the true tone of color it takes proper lighting, and color complexion. Check out Part 1 of my Leafgel Swatching Series my current colors in action (oh yes there are more colors where those came from!).

If you are a regular here, you know Leafgel is one of our top favorite Japanese gel brands. They carry an incredible selection of over 300 colors in potted form, a few in brush-on bottles, and a line of cream gels. 

Leafgel claims to have colors that soak off quickly, have self-level properties, are toxic chemicals free, have fantastic coverage and vivid color payoff, etc. If you haven’t tried them, I recommend at least trying a few. These are definitely on the premium-priced side, but maybe just get one or two and move from these. Warning, you might get addicted, lol. 

Today I am swatching a few colors your you. I know distributors offer pictures of products, but nothing like a good old color swatch in action to get the most accurate color payoff. Right? 

Let’s get started. 


Perfect ramune (Ramune is a Japanese Carbonated soft drink) soda blue! Slightly less sheer than K06, it has a bright blue tint that pops. It can be layered for a richer color payoff. Jelly colors are super trendy, perfect for gradation, vertical rainbow ombre, cloud art, etc.

2.K02 Jelly Fuchsia [See-through Series]

Bright fuchsia that’s perfect for summertime! Slightly less sheer compared to K07 and much more vivid in tone. Stained glass effect that’s crystal clear and has a rich magenta tint that pops. 


Juicy sheer orange that gives off the feeling of spring and summer! Stained glass effect that’s crystal clear and has a rich orange tint that pops.


Plump sheer red, perfect for roses, juicy cherries, and metallic accessories/gems. This is a great transitional color perfect for summer into fall/winter. Stained glass effect that’s crystal clear and has a rich red tint that pops.


Staple sheer white that can be used for an array of designs. The key component to marble and nuance art, cloud designs, adding sheer highlight to realistic flowers, fruits, and landscapes, as well as character/portrait art.


Perfect transitional deep purple, great for summer while also heading into the colder months. Stained glass effect that’s crystal clear and has a rich purple tint that pops.


The holy grail, black potted gel. Despite being an extremely dense one-coat black, it will never chip or crack as a base color. Excellent performance as a liner gel and is the only black many nail artists reach for when needing to execute thin lines.

*001 is also available in 10g (blue jar).


As with 001, this white gel color will never crack, chip, or get discolored as a solid base color and is fully opaque with one coat. The perfect white for line work, french, ombré, etc.

*002 is also available in 10g (blue jar).

9.005 IVORY

An off-white white. Similar to the piano keys with a thin viscosity.

Alright, that’s all for today but make sure don’t miss part 2! Do you have a favorite so far? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you for joining me today and I’ll see you at the next one, bye for now.

Easily get passed the next catchy or trendy name by learning the baseline for all gels.

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