Potted Soft Gel Color Tips & Tricks + My Favorite Brush For Color

Potted soft gel is a true delicacy in the application of gel manicures. One may be intimidated by its application from a pot, but what you may see as a burden your clients see as an exquisite attention to detail and upgraded service.

How do I know? Client feedback. My clients and even my students now often share how ‘lux’ they’ve felt getting this nail service that very few people offered.

Personally, I feel as though potted soft gel specialists are irreplaceable. With far and few nail techs opting to potted soft gel systems, it leads a long and wide runway for new nail techs to thrive in!

In today’s topic, I want to talk about my favorite brushes for potted soft gel color application and tips for you to apply your potted colors with ease.

Items mentioned in this video are listed below:



🔺Kokoist (code PPN10)

Color 226 Watermelon Jelly Beans

🔺Lily Gel (code PPN10)

Oval + Gel Nail Brush

🔺Amazon Store

  • French Cleaning Brush
  • Color Spatula

Content written by Paola Ponce 

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