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Your Summer/ Fall nail haul is here. I think you’ll see glitters and metallics being the theme in this haul, but I also have new releases like Kokoist liner brushes and Leafgel’s clay-like molding gel, as well as new shades of their best-selling faraway metallic collection!

I’m so excited to show you what our favorite brands have just released! There’s truly hardly ever a dull moment with them, and I am so pleased to be affiliated with them.

Approximately 90% of this haul is Japanese nail products, except for some transparent holo pigments from the Korean Brand Icegel I just picked up. I had seen these all over Instagram for a while and finally decided to go for them. And I will encourage you to do the same so I don’t feel lonely in this splurge… JK!

The real reason is that chrome and holo pigments aren’t going anywhere, so it really is an investment towards your nail kit.

In case you’re new here and wondering why Japanese Gel Nail brands?…

That’s because after using and trying it all as a newbie nail tech approx 10 years ago, I became super frustrated with not being able to find ONE nail system that consistently gave me and my clients long-wearing results and that was also versatile enough for me to use on clients who wanted simply a fresh one color mani or those who wanted to go all out with their nail art. Inevitably, I bought it all. Until one day, I finally decided to “bite the bullet” and invest in something “expensive” that everyone who had tried it, pretty much swore by it… enter potted soft gel. And I prefer those made in Japan.

Either way, if you want to learn more about potted soft gel, and my journey with it, find the free masterclass link down in the description box below.

Also, with everything you’ll see today, you most likely will be able to save 10%. You can click the pink words or use my code “PPN10″ to support the work that goes into this channel and also to support our meticulously vetted featured brands.

Alright, let’s unbox!

Forgot to mention I’ll be giving away some goodies, so make sure to stay until the end of the video to find out how to enter.

First Up Kokoist!

I’ll start with items I re-stocked, and then move on to their new releases.

Items I re-stocked means these items are popular and would make a great addition to your Kokoist Kit if you don’t have them already.

Super quick FYI: If you’re interested in becoming Kokoist Certified, my next Kokoist Certification is happening in November. You can sign up for the waitlist HERE. It’s online and open to dedicated DIYers and, of course, pros. I’ll start sending you updates regarding the class approximately the first week of October, so hang tight.

Re-stocked Items:

Stain Barrier Non-Wipe Top Gel

This top gel is very thin and has a hard gel feel to it. It’s meant to keep your gel nails from staining like if you’re a hairdresser, or using tanning products. If you don’t have too many of these clients this 7mL bottle comes in super-duper as you won’t be using it often, but if you do go through it more often than there are bigger sizes available.

Boba Gel Low

This gel is raised designs on the nail. It is not non-wipe, so if you’re using a chrome powder you will first have to coat your design with non-wipe or a burnishing top gel.

Art Clear

Art Clear is the foundation clear gel for Kokoist Colors. As such, you can use it to create custom color mixes, or its most popular use in Japan is to soften and create movement in your nuance designs.

I actually really like to use this gel also to flush, clean, and condition my brushes.

Non-wipe Accessory Bond

Two things you can do with this, raised designs and adhere nail charms. 

It’s slightly similar to the viscosity of Boba Gel Low, however, this one you can not use to mold with, like to bring it out and create a noodle design with it.

Either way, when you properly cure it, it is the best embellishment gel I’ve tried.

Nail Thoughts Clear Builder Base in a pot

So, tell me why I didn’t have this. I did have it in bottled form, but you know me, we need those little pots.

The last gels I have as part of this haul are these salon-favorite colors:

  • E-47 Ivory Cream
  • E-76 Royal Milk Tea
  • E-129 Linen Off White
  • E-200s Chiffon Greige

New Releases:

Needle Liner

So this seems to be your detailer liner for all of the tiniest details in your hand painted art like portraits and caricature design.

Longer Skinny Liner

This one is perfect for working on longer nails. Including working on those French tip designs.

Seriously, you don’t suck at French, you just don’t have this brush.

New snug and cushioned caps

So sometimes when you stand your brushes the lids will slip out, and so if your brush lids are just finicky, these little caps will be a good investment. Seems like Kokoist Caps will be changing to these caps, as my two new liners came with these.

So if you want to switch out all of your caps to these, just know they are available as a set for you to purchase.

The latest Fall Collection, Mine Cave Series

Anytime there is glitter involved, your customers are all in, and with this series, you are sure to have some client faves. 

Real quick, before we move on

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You need real proven strategies that you can implement now.

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Second, we have Vetro.

Oh boy! Are you ready for 20+ new potted gels to add to your Vetro collection?

I know, both exciting and intimidating!!

Let’s start with some clear art gels. We have two.

HACHIMITSU (meaning honey in Japanese)

  • It is like honey: Slow self-leveling, thick texture.
  • It’s less viscous than the other art clear gels, Mizuame and Watagashi (you can use those similarly to this one, but those much better I think for adhering your embellishments)
  • Non-wipe
  • Best for drawing thin, smooth 3D lines
  • Works wonderfully with chrome powders
  • Cures in 20-40 secs in a 405 nm wavelength unit
  • Currently is only offered in 4g


  • This is a clear gel with crushed brown rocks and faint shimmer particles. 
  • It can be mixed with any VETRO color, or enjoyed on its own over clear gel.
    • Keep in mid that it applies grainy, so yo’ll need a thick viscosity top gel to make it smooth. Or you can avoid the grainyness by mixing it on a pallet with the color you’ll be using.
  • There is an original version to this, that I apparently missed, in black.

Take a look at some of those looks.

Now that we cleared these two nail art staples, let’s dive into the 3 collections that are part of this Vetro haul.

The Birthday Lights Series

from the special effects line from Vetro, Bella Nail

This series includes 4 colors of various mixes of magnets, flash glitters, and iridescent powders, Very celebratory to say the least, but yet quite subtle.

Shades include…

  • 01 Red Lights (red undertone)
  • 02 Sun Lights (yellow undertone)
  • 03 Sky Lights (blue undertone)
  • 04 Gem Lights (purple undertone)

And all I can tell you is that they all look the same, unless you take them outside to find their undertone.

I was kind of sincerely annoyed by this collection because the difference among all four is SO minor, and frankly if you have one, you have all of them.

The next 13 shades, yes, 13! Are an addition to Vetro’s special effects line, Bella Nail.

I know, stay with me, so many collections, lines, and magnet gels.

So within these 13 new shades in the Bella Nail Label, there are three collections, two of these collections are magnet gels, and one collection is a pearl iridescent collection.

Ready or not here I come.

The “Slow” Mag Series

  • Consist of 4 shades
  • The main magnet colors are pink, and gray
  • Ideal for those seeking a classy magnetic shade. Meaning, more gentle and graceful for casual or formal wear. With the light texture, the magnet particles move effortlessly.

The “Airy” Mag Series 

  • Consists of 4 shades
  • The main magnet colors is white.
  • The white magnet creates a soft and cute look, and the color never turns too dark.
  • You can wear it as is or layered with sheer colors, these combinations create a subtle magnet shifting effect
  • Vetro recommends the “Reflect series” which we’re going to talk about next, as a good pairing.

The “Reflect Series”

  • Consists of 5 translucent shades all with a yellow hue undertone
  • This collection resembles aurora powder, but each with a tint, and again that yellow undertone

The Wasabon Series

from Vetro’s potted line No. 19

Apparently wasabon or “wasanbon” in Japanese refers to sweet treats usually decorated in pastel hues, similar to those found in this collection) 

All of the colors in this collection are three stars which means they are slightly thicker and slower to self-level. They can be used for slightly raised 3D designs or solid color application, just make sure you apply them thinly when you’re using them for solid color.

Colors include…

  • 502- Wakatakeiro
  • 503- Usuhanairo
  • 504- Wakamurasakiiro
  • 505- Entaniro 
  • 506- Koujiro
  • 507- Nadeshikoiro

Third we have Leafgel

Clay-like Gel

Leafgel finally came out with their own molding gel, and it is comparable to that of Kokoist’s Boba Gel High.

I’ve played with it, and its operability is just like it. I even got to play with some of the designs from my newly released course, Ring Bling, you can find it HERE if you’re interested in checking it out.


5 New Iridescent Flakes

These are so versatile you can use them on top of any color or nuance art , or whenever you’re creating stone nail art. Sandwich them in between layers for beautiful dimension.

Leafgel Magnetic Gel Polish – Space Opera Faraway 

Currently, there are 15 shades of this multi-color magnetic gel, and today I have the latest 8 shades

These are soo premium guys.

First off, the bottle is super elegant and high quality. It really does make it feel like you’re giving or having an upgraded experience with these.

But it’s not just looks, these glide on so evenly and nicely pigmented, I can totally understand why these tend to sell out.

Fourth brand today, Icegel!

And these are the holo chrome pigments I talked about earlier. Again a true investment for your repertoire as chrome and holo and any variation of that is going no where.

Now, if you’re new to Icegel, welcome, so am I. My community introduced me to it a couple of years ago with its On/Off reflective glitter and I’ve been intrigued since.

It’s a Korean Gel Nail brand established in 1998, and I buy it from our favorite efile manicure supplier, Nashlynails. These apparently cannot stay in stock because they are so popular, so in case you’re checking after this post, and they’re sold out, don’t be surprised but also send them an email to let them know that there is indeed high demand for these.

Alright, without further ado, check out how they wear.

As with any translucent chrome, it is very helpful to demo the shades over a clear, nude, and black or dark shade to see what color comes through.

Now this is offered as a collection of 5 powders on the Nashlynails website, and it also comes with the burnishing top coat, all for approximately $50.

These powders are supposed to be of the highest quality, and I will warn you, each jar only comes with a tiny amount. A little is supposed to go a long way. But the quantity still seems to frustrate some.

I will be creating a how-to Chrome video in the near future, so just make sure you’re subscribed to the newsletter and or subscribe to my YouTube channel, you hit the notification bell icon to be notified when that posts next!

All I can tell you is that chrome is finicky, but I have some game-changing tips for you also, rumor has it that this top gel from Presto is a game changer! I’m excited to try it for you.

Y’all this concludes today’s nail haul. Wasn’t it an amazing one!

You’ve made it this far! How about a giveaway? Alright, I’ve put some items featured today in a little bundle for you. Go ahead and check out the giveaway link, and remember that you can save 10% and support our work and our affiliates by using our code PPN10.

Don’t forget to get on any of the waitlist mentioned or check out any of the courses mentioned today.

I’ll see you in the next week, and bye for now!

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