How To Chrombre With Twinkle Stars

Chrombres (chrome + ombre) ! I’m all here for them.

Today’s look is my “I’m not ready for Fall look”! I created this set using Kokoist’s Mirror Chrome which is a liquid chrome solution, that I do indeed find a little less messier than loose powders. But either will do!

Remember that with chrome your foundation, whether you use base only or builder base, your application will have to be smoothly self-leveled.

One quick brief announcement before you hit play!

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Here are all of the materials you will need:

  • -Alcohol
  • -Lint-free wipes

KOKOIST (code PPN10)

  • Kokoist Color 172-
  • Ultra Glossy Top 
  • Mirror Chrome #08- Orange
  • Gelip Base Gel ( to seal stickers, but you can use any base)


Lily Gel Fragrance Mist


Content written by Paola Ponce 

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