3 Super Helpful Nail Tech Inventions!

Today’s topic is a special one.

Every other day I get an email about a new collaboration opportunity with product companies. I’ll have you know that I decline about 99% of them.

Not because I’m a snob or anything (I think), but rather because the products are not unique. They often are some sort of white-labeled product that can be found on Amazon and are just competing based on price and opportunity. That’s just not what we do in this channel, as I don’t believe that helps elevate our industry.

I love to work with particularly unique brands and especially ones that have a story behind them.

In the last few months, I’ve been connecting with 3 ambitious nail stylists who have designed an item for the nail industry. Today, I want to highlight their inventions and story.

Real quick!

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Alright! The 3 nail stylists that we will be highlighting are Julie Kandalec, Netty Davis, and Alice.

Julie K and The Nail Art Design Book.

You probably haven’t been in the nail space long enough if you don’t know Julie.

No worries, allow me to catch you up. Julie is a celebrity manicurist based out of New York City. She has been featured in several publications like Allure, Cosmopolitan, and Nail Pro. She has worked with several A-listers and continues to work on sets and runways.

Here’s what Julie created…

Julie designed a sketchbook to jot all your nail ideas down on paper before creating. The idea came up when Julie landed a dream gig that consisted of designing 40 nail designs for a publication… Yeah, talk about panic!

At that time, someone had handed her a similar sketchbook idea. From that moment, Julie reached and continued to reply to her book to organize nail art ideas.

When working with one of her most frequent celebrities, Camila Cabello, Julie takes a peek at Camila’s outfit for the occasion and sketches out a few looks in her sketchbook.
After that, she just lifts her book up, asking Camila to choose one of Julie’s pre-designed sets. This keeps things super quick and smooth.

Julie’s Design Book.

Julie’s sketchbook is offered in 2 options: Mexico City, a burnt orange cover, and Palm Springs, a purple cover.

Each book starts with a few digital nail art sketches of past celebrity designs, based on their style or opted for which they have decided. Each design is named after a celebrity.

The book also details some of Julie’s favorite nail supplies while working on set and a section to help you with color theory.

There are 3 sections in this book for you to sketch on based on nail shape. The book provides 18 canvases for Almond, Oval, and Square-shaped nails.

On the top of each set, you design, you can fill in details like client, inspiration, and date. On the sides, you can drop and cure swatches of the colors you intend on using.

The sketchbook could be best used while designing press-ons, helping your client put her very intricate nail art ideas on paper. Or, if you’re a session manicurist like Julie, you can use it to sketch out several looks.
This sketchbook is super lightweight, even though the pages are all made out of cardstock.

Beautiful creation for those nail artists seeking to keep their nail visions organized. Check out Julie’s Nail Art Design Book and more of her products at julieknailart.com.

Nettie & The Pottle.

Our next nail entrepreneur is Nettie Davis, creator of the Pottle. Netty is also a celebrity manicurist who now primarily manages her Pottle business.

The Pottle is an environmentally friendly creation that as its founder Nettie Davis states, “Is not a pot, and is not a bottle,” so what is it? It’s a pottle! The bottom is a pot, and the top is a brush-on.

The Pottle.

Nettie offers her Pottle in 2 sizes and 2 colors. The mini Pottle, which you could use for your gel colors, holds 15mL of liquid, and the regular size fits 20mL. You can get either size in black or white.

Each also comes with two copper mixing marbles to help with longevity and color suspension.

Imagine buying your favorite gels in bulk and using your Pottle as the refillable bottle. Or, if you’re a content creator and want to keep your brands anonymous, this is a great tool.

Nettie has recently also released clear pottles for regular nail polish, and she is now also carrying tinted rubber bases. Check out all of these and the Pottle options that intrigue you the most at Pottle.com

Check out her website and if you are interested use code PPN10 for 10% discount.

Alice & Can0va.

Last but not least, meet Alice! Alice is a passionate Italian DIYer who discovered her invention while working on her press-ons. She invented a hand tool to help you work on encapsulated nails that require finish-filing.

Alice struggled with nails popping off her nail stands as she was finishing-off press-ons that required encapsulation. She took matters into her own hands and, with the help of her hubby and a 3d printer designed, created the Can0va. A hand tool to help you have more surface area to hold on while not touching the specific press on you’re finish filing.


This tool alleviates the aches of working with a nail stand that is too tiny for your fingers.

The opposite end of the Can0va has a magnet that allows you to set it on a metal surface… like a nail art plate or the bottom of your curing unit if it is magnetic. Super neat feature!

The can0va was named after an Italian designer. It is currently offered in a beautiful hot pink with fine sparkly glitter. This tool is acetone proof also.

Alice includes a super sticky adhesive clear tape pack to hold your nail tip while you design it. Using it is pretty straightforward, but you can scan the smart user guide to view the instructions online for a complete detailed step.

You can learn more about the Canova tool on Instagram at @can0va_

And that is it for today’s beautiful nail inventions created by people who enjoy the art of nails like you and me. I’ll link you to each of these beauties pages down in the description box below, and there may even be a promo code for you to use.

Stick around for our next topic; otherwise, I’ll see you in the next one. Bye for now.

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