How To Dainty Crystals On Japanese Gel Overlay (Builder Gel)

Do you or your clients want low-commitment fun?

Today’s post is all about that. I’m taking a structured overlay previously created with Kokoist Platinum Filler Base, then gently retouching the growth with a super low viscosity gel from Vetro (Max Base).

I then take a beautiful color from Vetro and accent it with tiny embellishments.

P.S. Our annual Vetro Certification is here! Vetro was the first Japanese Soft Gel Brand I certified with. They continue to be a top brand in Japan and manufacture responsibly made-from-scratch products in their facility, with their own chemists.

If you’re interested in my annual Vetro Certification, sign up for the waitlist here:

Early Bird registration opens very soon!

Content written by Paola Ponce

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