How To Remove Any Gel Nail Lifting

Gel nail lifting is the bane of the existence of any nail stylist. The goal is to get the occurrences to be far and few, but for those times when it happens (and it will happen), it is a good idea to have a strategy on deck, and preferably one you always resort to, to tackle the gel nail lifting task at hand. 

Today I want to share with you how I remove any gel nail lifting. Whether it is small, medium, or a large bubble… it all gets removed the same with me.

To remove gel nail lifting, I use an efile. The star items are my ceramic bits (I get mine from Nashlynails and offer more recommendations in my efile guide). I use medium grit ceramic and fine ceramic. If you don’t have efile manicuring experience, you can use a coarse grit board file and a medium grit one (my current favorite files are from Kokoist). You can use code PPN10 to save 10% 🙂.

The process is simple. Take your medium-grit ceramic and begin debulking the nail at a high RPM (at least 20K RPM). I personally like to debulk vertically as this allows me to remove product easier without adding too much pressure. Once I’ve managed to get the nail flat, meaning no apex, it is time to switch over to my fine ceramic.

Once I’m using my fine ceramic (also at a high speed here) to remove the remaining product, I want to focus on where the lifting has happened. Once I start breaking into the gel, I want to decrease the speed and allow the gel nail lifting to flicker off on its own. I then flush the remaining gel nail product into the natural nail.

And this is how I remove any nail lifting. Whether big, small, or a huge bubble in the center, my goal is to reduce the gel so that I can get to the lifting and flatten the gel, and flush it to the natural nail so that I can restructure it.

If I can help you further with your efiling or gel nail structure gel mastery, I want to recommend two courses to you…

Efficient Efile Masterclass: Learn my method for simple yet efficient efiling

Master Gel Nails: Learn how to structure any gel nail length with minimal finish-filing and monthly wearing results.

Thanks for learning with me today; I’ll see you in the next one.

Content written by Paola Ponce 

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