How To French Tip Nails On Oval Nails Like A Pro | DIY Beginner Friendly

No this is not just another basic French Tip Manicure. Love them or hate them, the French Tip manicure is here to stay. It’s a simple look that pairs well with just about everything and anyone really. Whether you’re looking for a clean elegant feel or you want to reminisce and take it back 90’s style, the French Tip manicure is simply versatile.

And here’s the thing…

I believe part of what keeps us from coming around a French Tip manicure is the struggle of getting it right., which is why I wanted to create this French Tip tutorial. And I know I titled it “beginner friendly” but seriously, if the process of this manicure is a bit daunting to you, a beginner’s understanding of it can really set you up for success.

With a French Tip manicure, technique is surely important, but even more so are the products. I’ll share what I used in this tutorial below.

I took things up a notch and opted to show you this process on oval nails. The easiest would have been on square nails… but I trust that if you can master it on oval nails, you will be able to do it easily on square nails.

So grab a sip, and cozy up to this French Tip on oval nails step-by-step.

All products & resources mentioned today:

🔺Leafgel Certification Waitlist

🔺Kokoist (affiliate code PPN10 saves you 10%)

  • Kokoist E-56 Bluey White 
  • Kokoist Longer Skinny Liner 
  • Kokosit Angular Brush 
  • French Cleaning Brush
  • Kokoist Ultra Glossy 
  • Kokoist Replaceable Straight Sponge Buffer 180g
  • Kokoist Replaceable Emery Board 220g


  • French Nail Brush
  • Soft Silicone Mini Manicure Palette 

Content written by Paola Ponce 

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