Kokoist Japanese Gel Unboxing

Hey there! Today we’re doing a super fun unboxing of my latest Kokoist nail haul, and I do want to let you know that next month November 7th and 8th we have an upcoming Kokoist gel nail certification. Enrollment officially opens on October 17th, you can start checking out the details or if you just want to stay up to date on the latest on the class and see if it’s for you, make sure to sign up for our waitlist, okay? We do send a lot of cool little updates through that. 

Let’s get started. Check out this really cool sturdy nice box! I did place an order just based on a lot of the items that we’re gonna need for our upcoming certification so you’ll be able to see them here.

The Big Box: Tools, Clear Gels and Colors

First, a cute little note here, a thank you note and it says: “Kokoist is a Japanese gel that uses cosmetic grade ingredients. Our gels are nine free, meaning they are made without the nine toxic chemicals- toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde, formaldehyde from resin, camphor, ethyl tosylamide, parabens, triphenyl phosphate (TPHP), and xylene” so that you can feel confident about the products you use.


Many of these items I will be using for the upcoming Kokoist certification so I thought: Why not open this up with you? Ah! I’ve been wanting to get a soft dust brush and what better than to get one that is Kokoist branded. Look how cute this is! These are not disinfectable. 

I like to use these more for glitter or pigments, like chrome pigments or powders. If you just need to dust off the nail, this is so soft.  We got a liquid dispenser pump that’s Kokoist branded, I will be using this for my 90% alcohol.  Next, we have some buffers and nail files.

Always make sure you check thoroughly because everything’s so neatly wrapped you don’t want to leave anything behind, I almost left my little tool here. This tool right here is a stir stick and it is a needle style of the stir stick. You can use it for a couple of different things:

1) You can use it to steer your color and minimally get the product on the stir stick not overwhelm and waste, also

2) This needle pint tip is great for “UH-OH” moments when you mess up and get the product on the skin.  You can come with this, make sure it’s clean and there’s no gel product on this, and you can clean up wherever you’ve got gel on the skin, so that’s pretty cool! There’s a clear one and a pink one. 

Next, of course, is a quality Kokoist gel brush, and this is the thin round brush. Super cool.

We got a stone pusher. These are for personal use since they are not disinfectable, they cannot be soaked into cold sterilizations or barbicide. Stone pushers are great for personal use, they are like a little pumice stone-type material.

Clear Gels

Very nice… These are top coats (I think I got an extra one here so that means I will be giving away one in my class). Let’s see, two stain barrier non-wipe top gels. If your gels get stained or you get hair dye or dye from your jeans onto your nails and you see that sort of like black tip syndrome, that is why they created this stain barrier non-white top gel.

Okay, this is Bonding Duo. This is like the “El dúo dinámico (dynamic duo)” if you will, it is Bonding Duo in a bottle and Mega Stick base soft gel. Really cool for quick services or if you are a DIY and you are still practicing control with potted gel then, the brush-on gel is the way to go.

Bonding duo in a bottle is both base and builder and it works a little bit more like a hard gel, it does have to apply very thick or relatively thick.

Mega Stick base soft gel is a soft gel texture base gel with high adhesion to the nail. No bonder primer is needed, and it is really good to stick on full coverage tips.

Now, Excel Builder, this is the 20 grams. This is their soft builder gel and it is soak-off, that is what I mean by soft gel, but it has a semi-hard texture consistency. Platinum Bond Duo in a pod 4g, Mega Stick base soft gel 4g, and three colors that I was missing, which are: Eggplant Navy, Dazzling Charcoal, Black Sand Beach Glass, City Gray, and Deep Papaya. Super fun!


Let me show you the colors I ordered. These are super cool because they’ll have a little thing for you here to open them, and you just pop it open.

You really cannot tell the color in the jar but you can tell here on the sheet. I really needed a nice navy blue so I got this Eggplant Navy. Next, Dazzling Charcoal, now I have the whole collection swatched.

If you’re interested in our certification, make sure to get in, we have a special class code for you to use on products so that you can get early Black Friday shopping, Kokoist is known to sell out on Black Friday; by joining our class you will be getting kind of like “early access” to that sale! Super exciting.

That is not the only reason why you should join, we are going to have a lot of fun and you will learn a ton! When you know how to use the products you are more inclined to buy more of them for now they are not just sitting on your shelf or in your drawers, you are going to know exactly how to use them.

If you are swatching, use what’s on the lid to swatch. It just gets too messy for me and I like to keep this area of my gels clean. Okay, 89 City Gray is a nice solid real gray, this is like your true gray hair almost. 

There are two more colors: Black Sands Beach Glass 133. When you see a “glass” word in the title that means it’s going to be translucent so that’s exactly what this is, a translucent gray almost makes it black right? A see-through black. 36 Deep Papaya color is going to be for one of our art demos in the certification.

It’s a beautiful mustard yellow unless you like your mustard a little bit more orange but I think this is a true mustard yellow. Also, they have this little latch here where you can wipe off the excess on your brush. Size is 2.5 grams at $9.80 USD per color, the bang for the buck guys! As far as Japanese gel colors go.

Intro kit

Last but not least, I recently received the Kokoist intro kit and has, everything you need for our upcoming certification. I will be raffling this off, yes! We will be doing a giveaway on this super handy intro kit in our upcoming free class on Kokoist. If you want to get the free class (we won’t be showing you technique but more information about Kokoist) sign up for the waitlist! That is where you are going to get all the details on the free upcoming Kokoist class that I’m going to do in about a week and a half. 

Lastly, you get four files, everything you need here to get going, one sponge buffer, and a round brush. 

I really, really like the round brush. I don’t know if you can see it but it’s kind of long bristled and you can use it for base or builder it works great for both. 

If you are a detailer, if you paint details, this short thin liner is great for that. I don’t do a lot of that so I do prefer a long firm liner. You will get Mega Stick base 4 grams, also this award-winning topcoat: Ultra Glossy non-wipe top coat. Superb, my favorite top coat. Then we have four colors and all four colors we are going to use in your certification. The colors are Rouge Red, Bluey White, Blackest Black, and Peanut Butter Toffee.

Everything here, except maybe the short liner we are going to use a long liner instead, all of this you will need for your certification training. I hope you enjoyed our unboxing and I’ll see you next week. Bye for now…If you’d like to join the Kokoist Certification waitlist CLICK HERE.

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